Obesity is becoming an increasing problem in our companion animals

Having trouble helping your animal loose those extra pounds?
Obesity is one of the largest medical issues we see in our companion animals. Extra weight can cause joint problems as well as being hard on your pet’s liver, kidneys, and heart (to name a few issues). At Chinook we are happy to offer a new diet to assist in your pet’s weight journey. Call or come into the clinic for more information.

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Veterinary Services

Chinook Country Veterinary Clinic’s mission is to provide compassionate and competent veterinary care to our patients with exceptional customer service to our clients.  We offer a wide range of veterinary services including: Preventative Medicine  (general health, vaccinations, parasite control) Anesthesis and Surgery Spaying and Neutering

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About Us Chinook Country Veterinary Clinic provides professional veterinary services in Olds and Mountain View County.