Puppy Playschool at CCVC

Socialization is important for all dogs. It is best to start it early and to help pet owners with this we have introduced Puppy PlaySchool. Puppy PlaySchool has just begun this week (February 9, 2015) and is offering two different classes geared for our small

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March is Travel Awareness Month

As we look towards spring and summer and the excitement it brings it is easy to forget about how we can protect our fur family from disease, injury, and getting lost while we are on our holiday travels. This month CCVC is pleased to bring

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camping trip

National Dental Month

February is national dental month!! 70-80% of dogs and cats have dental disease of some sort (gingivitis, tartar, root abscess, etc) by 3 years of age. To celebrate dental month and assist owners in improving their pet’s oral hygiene we have a variety solutions (exams,

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Healthy Horses

With the nicer weather it’s time to get the shedding blades out, and start riding and preparing your riding companion for shows, trail rides, lessons, mountain adventures and more! It’s time to consider your vaccination protocols and horse’s dental & physical health (including veterinary chiropractic care)

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Equine Health Care

Veterinary Services

Chinook Country Veterinary Clinic’s mission is to provide compassionate and competent veterinary care to our patients with exceptional customer service to our clients.  We offer a wide range of veterinary services including: Preventative Medicine  (general health, vaccinations, parasite control) Anesthesis and Surgery Spaying and Neutering

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