Kitten Information

Get tips on proper health care for your new kitten including vaccinations, boosters, diet, neutering, routine health exams and more – all on our Kitten Information page.

Spaying & Neutering

Unless you are considering breeding, your should neuter your cat at about 5-6 months of age.

Neutering for females referred to as spaying is the complete removal of the ovaries and uterus.  Female cats should be spayed before their first heat cycle.  Neutering for males referred to as castration, is the removal of the testicles.  Neutering your male kitten decreases their desire to spray and mark territory as well decreases the risk of developing prostate infections and cancer.

Learn more on our Neutering for Cats information page.


There are many vaccinations that are required for cats.  Learn more on our Vaccinations for Cats information page.

Training your Cat

Training is a lifetime process, not a quick fix.  Learn the basics on litter training, putting a stop to scratching and aggressive behavior and even cat agility on our Training Tips for Cats information page.

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