Monday November 16, 2020

With the Coronavirus spreading further and the number of cases growing exponentially, we at Chinook Country Veterinary Clinic continue to do our best to provide the best service possible for you and your pets. We anticipate the possibility in the near future that we may only be allowed to offer emergency and essential services. Currently, with additional policies and procedures in place, we are able to continue to offer appointments. Starting in March, our team implemented a series of changes at the clinic to reduce the likelihood of transmission. We realize this made for longer appointments and processes. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. This week our social distancing measures will be more stringent. For the safety of clients and our team, we ask all clients to not enter the clinic. Food and prescriptions will be curbside pickup only. For food purchases, we ask people to call the order in and we will get it ready for you. Preferred method of payment is debit, credit card or e-transfer.


Small Animal Appointments

Call the clinic when you arrive to us know you and your pet are at the clinic. All arrangements for the appointment will be made at that time. Please leave your pet in the crate on the front deck. A staff member will collect your pet and bring it into the clinic. We ask patients to be crated for transfer to the clinic. If you do not have a crate, the clinic will be happy to loan you one. If it is not possible to crate your pet, please notify the clinic by telephone for further instructions. Your appointment will proceed as normal with you and the tech and/or veterinarian conversing via telephone or video chat. When the appointment is complete, payment may be made with an e-transfer or credit card. Your invoice will be emailed to you or a hard copy taped to your crate. Your pet will be placed back on the front deck of the clinic for you to retrieve.


Large Animal Appointments

We also continue to offer large animal services in-clinic and on-farm while maintaining social distancing measures. Haul in to Quonset at clinic, masks worn at all times inside the building. Farm calls will proceed with no contact and social distancing (1-2 meters), if proper social distancing cannot be maintained, then masks will be worn.

Food and Prescription Pick up

Please call order in ahead of time, to allow us time to get order ready, pay in advance by credit or e-transfer. Pull into the first available parking stall marked 1-4. When you arrive at the clinic, call from the parking lot, and let us know which stall you are in, so a staff member can bring your items out to you. Preferred method of payment is debit, credit card or e-transfer.


Again, we would like to thank all our clientele for their patience, understanding, and participation in these new protocols during this time of uncertainty.


With thanks and good wishes to everyone,

The Team at Chinook Country Veterinary Clinic

(403) 556-6414

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