Cat Nibble


Obesity unfortunately is a common disease in all animals; it becomes a more serious disease as pet’s age. The extra weight makes it hard on their joints and can cause arthritic changes, matting may occur as the animals are unable to reach and groom certain areas. Excessive weight may also lead to diabetes or bladder stones. To prevent obesity, you can lower caloric count and increase exercise.

It can be hard to get a cat to exercise especially if they are carrying extra weight. Some cats can be exercised using a laser pointer, toys or even simply changing the location of the food bowl every couple of days. Whereas dogs are a little easier to exercise, but depending on their ability to get around their exercise program may need to be modified.

When lowering a pets’ caloric intake, the biggest challenge is knowing what to feed your pet and how much. When you feed an obese pet you should feed per the recommendation on the bag for the weight they should be, not the weight they are. If unsure what your pet should weigh ask your veterinarian? If your pet does not already have a medical condition requiring it to eat certain type of food, your pet should most likely be on a commercially balanced senior food.