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Wearable technology has really gone to the dogs!

As pet owners have more access to disposable income, much of the technology we see being used for humans is beginning to spill over in the pet industry as well. One such example is wearable technology which can monitor your dog’s everyday activity and sleep.

Fitbark is an innovative device that captures and records data of dog’s activity which could serve to provide information for owners, veterinarians and researcher.

Fitbark is a small, bone- shaped device that attaches to your pets collar. By collecting data in your dog’s physical activity and rest levels, owners are provided with a constant monitoring system when left alone and can share useful information with their veterinarian for any unprecedented changes.

Whether your dog needs more support with weight loss or they are an athlete in agility training, Fitbark can help pet owners easily monitor their pets health. This innovative design combines our love for dogs; technology and comfortable design to help humans better understand their dogs to provide them with a long, happy and healthy life.

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