Senior Pet Care

Pets age more quickly than we do, and are considered seniors around the age of 7 years.  Large breed dogs are considered senior at the age of 5.  As pets age their needs change and, just like their human family members, they may need an adjustment in diet and require more visits to their Veterinarian.

Cats can live to be around 20 years of age or more if well cared for and are regularly seen by a veterinarian. The average age expectancy of dogs can range from 6-15 years depending on the breed. Smaller breed dogs generally tend to have longer lives then their large breed counterparts. Many issues are common in both dogs and cats as they age

Common diseases in both species are obesity, kidney and heart disease, diabetes, arthritis. Cats can also suffer from hyperthyroidism and dogs can suffer from hypothyroidism, eye problems, and some cognitive disorders.